How Do People Discover You And Buy From You?

Today’s consumers discover things the same way they’ve always done it: through word of mouth, cold calls, social media, and old-fashioned networking events. 

However, now that so many people shop online for everything from groceries to gifts for their girlfriends, the ways people buy your product have changed too.

How To Convince A Customer To Buy From You – YouTube
– Understanding how customers discover your business is crucial for effective marketing strategies.
– Social media platforms and search engines play a significant role in customer discovery.
– Building an online presence through content, social media, and SEO can enhance visibility.
– Engaging storytelling and content that addresses customer needs can attract potential buyers.
– Building trust and providing value are essential for converting prospects into customers.
– Utilizing analytics and customer feedback helps refine your marketing approach.

1. People Know You Personally

Your best customers are people who know you personally. They trust you because they know you and like the way that you do business. 

They’re more likely to buy from you, more likely to recommend your products or services, and generally easier for your business model to work with.

A good example of this is a dentist’s office in my hometown Dr. Tyler’s Smile Center in Minnetonka, Minnesota (if you’re local). 

When Dr. Tyler was starting out as an orthodontist he had been doing private practice dentistry for many years before going into his own orthodontic practice full time. 

So when he started his new orthodontic business in 2007, he already had a lot of patients coming back to him because they trusted him personally as well as professionally. 

This made it easier for him when he switched over to orthodontics full-time; 

All those patients were already familiar with what kind of service they would get from him so there wasn’t much work required by them upfront before jumping into treatment plans and payments plans for their children’s braces!

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2. Referrals From People Who Know You

The most effective way to find new customers is through referrals from people who know you.

Here are some ways they can happen:

Friends, family members, and colleagues refer other friends, family members, and colleagues who need your goods or services. 

They may have had an experience with you personally (like a great haircut) or heard about your business through word-of-mouth marketing. When they recommend you to others, it’s likely those people will trust them enough to give their business to you as well.

People who don’t know what it is that you do will still trust someone else’s recommendation and follow their lead because they know this person has their best interests at heart when making purchases like these.

3. Cold Calls/Unsolicited Emails

Don’t be afraid to make cold calls or send unsolicited emails. Whether you’re selling a product or service, reach out and ask for referrals. Ask your customers if they’ll write a testimonial, endorse you on social media, or include you in their newsletter or blog post.

Ask them if they’d like to meet with you in person so that you can train them on how to use the product or service. Do whatever it takes! People might say no but if ten people say yes, then it’s worth it because those ten represent more than half of your business anyway!

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4. Social Media (Including Your Website)

Social media is a great way to connect with people. It’s also an excellent way to share your work and get feedback on it, as well as market yourself. You can make friends, build a reputation as an expert in your field, and grow a community around you.

There are many ways that people discover you and buy from you online: social media (including your website), search engine results pages (SERPs), email marketing campaigns, paid advertising campaigns the list goes on!

5. Websites That Display Your Work

There are lots of websites that display your work. People can find you on these websites, and you can also submit your work to these websites. You may also want to consider working with these websites to advertise your work.

If you’re a photographer, there is no better place than Flickr to get recognized and make sales. If you haven’t already signed up on Flickr, do it now!

Flickr has a built-in community that supports photographers and helps them connect with customers who will purchase their work. 

When people buy your photos through the site’s Buy button, they pay more than anywhere else because they know they won’t have any difficulties returning the product if needed (since it was bought directly from the artist).

6. Networking Events (Like Trade Shows, Fairs, Etc.)

When people think of networking events, they may imagine ladies in floral dresses and men in navy suits and while that’s what some events can look like, it doesn’t need to be the case. You can wear a suit or you can wear jeans; it doesn’t matter. Just get out there!

Networking events are an excellent way to meet new people who might be interested in your products or services. At these events, you can talk about your business and learn about other businesses too. 

You might even discover opportunities for collaboration with other companies at the event that doesn’t exist online (or maybe never existed online), which could lead to partnerships and more sales down the road. 

For example, at a recent trade show I attended, I was able to connect with several different vendors who offered complementary services for my business a marketing agency.

The web development company, printer/designer, and ended up signing contracts with them shortly after returning home from the show!

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7. In-Person Retail Spaces That Sell Your Products

Selling in a retail space is a great way to reach new customers. You can sell at craft fairs and other events, or if you have the right products (and your prices are right) you might be able to sell on Etsy. 

Retail spaces are awesome because they allow you to interact with people who are interested in your product in person, but they’re not necessarily an ideal replacement for an online website that allows people around the world to buy from you at any time of day.

Buying From You

There are many ways to sell your products. You can start by selling them directly to your customers, either in person or online. If you want a retailer (like Target) to sell them for you, then you’ll need to find one that will take on all the inventory risk and do all of the marketing for you. 

A distributor will take care of all of that for the retailer, but let them do most of the heavy lifting when it comes time to ship out orders. 

If it makes sense at scale, instead use wholesalers who buy in large quantities and pass along savings through bulk pricing while still taking care of distribution logistics as necessary. 

Finally, if there is no cost-effective way possible then consider skipping shipping altogether by selling through an eCommerce platform like Etsy or eBay where shipping costs have already been baked into price tags so buyers won’t even notice them on their final bills!

1. They Know You Personally

You may have heard of this before: “Know, like, and trust.”

Know: People know you personally. They know your name and face, or at least know who you are through your work. 

This may be from being in the same industry for a long time, or it could be because they’ve seen something about you on social media or from an event. They might not even realize that they know each other!

Like: People like what you do because it resonates with them in some way maybe because of how the work makes them feel or what it reminds them of in their lives (a certain period, people they love). 

It’s important to find out why people like your work so much when talking about it later on down the road (if/when another potential client comes along).

They’ll have something concrete to refer back to when describing why they’re interested in working with us! Could also use some more info here if possible…

Trust: You’ve built up trust over time by showing consistency in quality; providing reliable service; delivering results on time; being transparent about costs associated with each project – these are all ways to build trust among clients!

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3. Purchasing Directly From You At A Physical Location (E.G., Networking Event)

While most people don’t just buy something off the Internet and have it shipped to their house, there are many ways to sell your products in person. You can sell at an online shop or pop-up store, but you could also set up a booth at a craft fair or gallery. 

You can sell directly from your home or business as well. The point is that there are many options for selling directly to customers without having to rely on an intermediary like Amazon or Etsy!

4. Purchasing Directly From You Virtually (E.G., On Your Website)

People can buy from you directly in a variety of ways. Some choose to purchase from you virtually, meaning they order products online or through social media. Others prefer to visit a brick-and-mortar location and make their acquisitions there. 

And then there is the option to purchase directly from you at both physical locations and digitally a combination that allows people to experience the benefits of both worlds.

In an increasingly digital world, consumers are spending less time on social platforms than ever before; however, many people still enjoy buying things on these sites because they’re easy and convenient (something we’ll discuss more in our next point).

5. Purchasing From A Retailer That Is Selling Your Products Virtually (E.G., Etsy, Big Cartel) Or At A Physical Location (E.G., Gallery, Craft Fair)

You can also sell your products through a retailer. This is a great way to take advantage of the network of existing customers that they already have, but it will cost you: the retailer will take a cut of every sale.

If you don’t want to work with a retail store, there are other options. You can sell your products directly to customers through your website, where you get all the money. Or you could just sell them at craft fairs or other events where people can see and touch them before buying!

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It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of running a business and forget about the bigger picture. Make sure you take time every once in a while to step back and look at how people are finding you and buying your products. 

This will help you stay on top of trends so that when they change (because they always do!), you can adopt new strategies quickly.

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How can I effectively influence customers to make a purchase?

To influence customers’ purchasing decisions, you can employ various strategies such as creating a sense of urgency, offering personalized recommendations, and showcasing social proof through reviews and testimonials.

What factors make customers choose my business over competitors?

Customers often choose a business over its competitors based on factors like unique value propositions, exceptional customer service, a strong brand identity, competitive pricing, and a positive online reputation.

How can I capture the interest of potential customers who are unfamiliar with my business?

To capture the interest of strangers, you can employ strategies like creating attention-grabbing content, addressing pain points, providing valuable resources, and leveraging social media engagement to create a lasting impression.

What role does psychology play in driving customer purchases?

Psychology plays a significant role in influencing customer behavior. Techniques like scarcity, reciprocity, and emotional appeals can tap into customers’ subconscious motivations and lead them to make purchasing decisions.

How can I build trust with potential customers to encourage buying?

Building trust involves consistent and transparent communication, showcasing expertise through educational content, offering guarantees or warranties, and demonstrating genuine care for customers’ needs and concerns.