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#1 Actuary Job Description Sample Template

Job Title: Actuary

Reports To: Finance Manager

Job Overview:

The actuary is responsible for developing and maintaining the financial models used by the company to manage risk and determine premiums. They also perform ongoing research into new insurance products, work with clients to ensure they are receiving the correct coverage, and develop new systems for tracking data.

Responsibilities and Duties:

-Provide financial analysis, including actuarial work, for insurance products, including life, health, and annuity products.

-Diagnose and resolve technical problems regarding the design, implementation and administration of insurance policies.

-Analyze statistical data to determine premiums for various types of insurance coverage.

-Provide advice on investment strategy to clients.


The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in Actuarial Science or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience with Excel and R programming is preferred, but not required.

Employees Benefits

As an employee of [company name], you are eligible for the following benefits:

-Health Insurance

-Dental Insurance

-Vision Insurance

-Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) for Health Care, Dependent Care, and/or Transportation Expenses

#2 Actuary Job Description Sample Template

Job Title: Actuary

Reports To: Chief Risk Officer

Job Overview: The actuary serves as an expert in the field of risk management, and is responsible for performing actuarial analyses of employee benefits plans and insurance policies. This position requires someone who can analyze data and make recommendations based on that data.

Responsibilities and Duties:

-Calculate and manage risk in the company

-Produce reports, journal entries, and other financial documentation as needed

-Analyze data to determine the impact of decisions made by management on profitability


– Bachelor’s degree in actuarial science or equivalent training

– Minimum of 5 years of experience in related work

– Strong knowledge of the insurance industry and its products, especially life and health insurance

– Strong knowledge of financial modeling, statistics and mathematics

The employee benefits offered by [company name] are:


-Dental insurance

-Vision insurance

-Life insurance

#3 Actuary Job Description Sample Template

Job Title: Actuary

Reports To: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Job Overview: The actuary is responsible for calculating how much money the company needs to pay out in retirement benefits, and helping the company determine how much it will cost to provide these benefits.

Responsibilities and Duties:

-Assist the in-house financial team with their daily tasks and projects.

-Ensure that all accounts are updated, reconciled, and reported on time.

-Compile data for reports as needed.


-Must be able to work independently and meet deadlines

-Must have strong communication skills

-Must be willing to work long hours, including evenings and weekends

-Must have a degree in Mathematics or a related field

We are proud to offer our employees a comprehensive benefits package.

Employee Benefits:

– Health insurance

– Disability insurance

– Long-term care insurance

– Life insurance

#4 Actuary Job Description Sample Template

Job Title: Actuary

Reports To: Chief Financial Officer

Job Overview:

The actuary is responsible for managing the risk of our company. They do this by analyzing and forecasting financial data to determine how likely it is that we will incur losses in the future. They also work with management to identify strategies for reducing or eliminating risk.

Responsibilities and Duties:

-Prepare statistical reports on the financial aspects of insurance companies, including mortality, morbidity, and expense experience.

-Evaluate risk and loss experience in support of underwriting decisions.

-Calculate premiums and reserves for insurance contracts.


-Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Sciences, Mathematics or a related field

-Possess good communication skills and be able to work in a team environment

-Strong analytical skills

-Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines





-Life Insurance (AD&D)

#5 Actuary Job Description Sample Template

Job Title: Actuary

Reports To: Vice President of Risk Management

Job Overview: This position is responsible for managing the company’s risk exposure and developing the actuarial models and processes that inform the management of that risk. This includes modeling financial risks, claims risks, operational risks, and more. The actuary will be responsible for maintaining a comprehensive understanding of all systems used to calculate premiums and reserves associated with those risks.

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Provide actuarial consulting services for clients related to insurance, investments, and retirement plans.

• Consult with clients on risk management and pricing.

• Develop risk management strategies for various business units.

• Consider the financial impact of legislative and regulatory changes.

• Provide financial analysis support to the company’s management team.

Our ideal candidate is someone who:

-is a quick learner and can work independently, but also thrives in a team environment

-has excellent communication skills and the ability to translate complex concepts into layman’s terms for clients

-can work well under pressure, without sacrificing quality or attention to detail

-is committed to growth as both an actuary and a professional

Why work at [company name]?

We’re a company that cares about our employees, and we believe in the importance of work-life balance. Our benefits package reflects that. We offer:

-Health insurance

-Dental insurance

-Life insurance (optional)

-Paid vacation time (1 week per year of service)

-Paid holidays (9 paid holidays per year)

#6 Actuary Job Description Sample Template

Job Title: Actuary

Reports To: Director of Finance

Job Overview: The actuary is responsible for providing advice and analysis to help the company make decisions that will impact its financial health. This includes calculating rates and premiums, determining policies, and conducting risk assessments. The actuary also provides assistance in legal matters related to insurance, such as determining coverage amounts or investigating claims.

Responsibilities and Duties:

-Accurate and timely preparation of accounting records.

-Maintain and analyze the company’s financial statements in accordance with GAAP requirements.

-Identify, assess and monitor risks that could have a material impact on the company’s financial performance.


– Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment

– Must have excellent communication skills

– Must be able to work under pressure

– Must have strong interpersonal skills

The employees benefits of [company name] are:

-Medical coverage

-Dental coverage

-Vision coverage

-Fitness center access

-Company-paid life insurance (at $250,000)

-Short and long-term disability insurance (at 100%)

#7 Actuary Job Description Sample Template

Job Title: Actuary

Reports To: Chief Risk Officer

Job Overview: The actuary is responsible for calculating the risks of a company’s insurance policies, and creating models that allow the company to predict and price these risks.


– Prepares and maintains financial records and computes annual financial, statistical, and actuarial reports.

– Calculates premium rates, insurance benefits, and reserves for policyholders.

– Analyzes statistical data to determine factors affecting insurance claims or underwriting risks.

– Conducts research to develop new products or improve existing policies.

– Employs statistical methods to estimate future changes in mortality rates, loss ratios, investment yields, and other variables.


– Degree in mathematics, statistics, or related field.

– Excellent communication skills and organizational ability.

– Proficient in the use of computers and spreadsheets.

Why should you work with us?

We believe in creating an atmosphere that is both professional and relaxed. We offer a variety of benefits to our employees, including:

– Health insurance (100% paid by the company)

– Dental insurance (100% paid by the company)

– Vision insurance (100% paid by the company)

– Life insurance (100% paid by the company)

#8 Actuary Job Description Sample Template

Job Title: Actuary

Reports To: Director of Analytics

Job Overview: You will be responsible for forecasting risks, pricing and reserving insurance policies, and developing models to determine premiums.


•Working with customers to determine their needs and how they can be met

•Setting up insurance policies and procedures

•Maintaining accurate records of premiums, claims and expenses

•Developing new ways to improve the efficiency of the company’s operations


– Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science or related field.

– Two or more years of experience in an actuarial role.

– Demonstrated proficiency in Excel and VBA, as well as basic understanding of SQL queries.

– Demonstrated proficiency in building statistical models with the R programming language.


-Medical and dental insurance options

-Flexible leave policy

-Fitness reimbursement program

-Transportation reimbursement program

#9 Actuary Job Description Sample Template

Job Title: Actuary

Reports To: Vice President and Chief Risk Officer

Job Overview: The actuary is responsible for managing the company’s risk management activities, including analyzing and measuring financial risks, developing policies to manage those risks, and creating reports that explain the risk management plan.

Responsibilities and Duties:

– Prepare and review actuarial valuations, including the calculation of premiums, reserves, and investment returns.

– Advise on the adequacy of risk management controls.

– Review insurance policy applications to ensure that they are in accordance with the company’s policies, rules, and regulations.

– Perform statistical analysis on data collected from third-party sources or internal databases to develop information that can be used by management to improve profitability.


*Experience in Risk Management, Insurance, and Actuarial Science.

*Experience in providing support to clients on their risk management strategies.

*Able to work in a team environment.

*Good communication skills, both written and verbal.

Employees Benefits:

-Company provides health insurance and dental insurance to employees and their family members.

-The company will give employees paid time off for sick leave, personal leave, and vacation time.

-If an employee is a member of the company’s 401K plan they can contribute to it every year up to $18,000.

#10 Actuary Job Description Sample Template

Job Title: Actuary

Reports To: Director of Risk Management

Job Overview: The actuary is responsible for conducting research, analyzing data and statistics, and providing insights into financial risk management. The actuary will work with a team of other actuaries to ensure that the company’s policies and procedures are up-to-date.

Responsibilities and Duties:

-Calculate and evaluate financial and actuarial problems

-Prepare reports and presentations to management

-Assist in the development of new products, pricing, and product distribution systems.


-A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study.

-2+ years experience as an actuary.

-A strong understanding of financial modeling and risk management.


-Medical, dental, and vision insurance

-401(k) plan with company match

-Short-term disability insurance

-Long-term disability insurance

#11 Actuary Job Description Sample Template

Job Title: Actuary

Reports To: Director of Risk Management and Compliance

Job Overview: 

The actuary is responsible for performing statistical risk analysis, analyzing data, and determining the most appropriate course of action. The actuary will work with the director to ensure that all risk management systems are in place and that the company’s financial health is maintained.

Responsibilities and Duties:

-Working with the client, you will calculate premiums, commissions, and other costs related to insurance policies. You must be able to do this accurately and within a short time frame.

-You will be responsible for keeping track of all financial transactions related to your client’s insurance business. This includes collecting premiums from clients and depositing them into the company’s accounts at local banks or credit unions.

-You will also be responsible for ensuring that all bills are paid on time and that the correct amount is paid out in accordance with the terms of each policy being managed by [company name].


– Must be a certified actuary.

– Must have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, or a related field.

– Must have at least three years of experience in a similar role.

Employees Benefits

Employees at [company name] are entitled to the following benefits:

– A 401(k) plan with a company match of up to 3% of their salary

– 10 paid holidays per year

– An annual performance bonus equal to 5% of their salary based on their performance review score

– An extra week of vacation is available to employees who have worked at least five years at the company