19 Examples Of Content Marketing Done Right

Content marketing is an effective way to build your brand and grow your business, but it’s not always easy. While writing for the internet can be rewarding, it can also be frustrating when you don’t have any good ideas. 

In this article, we’ve gathered 19 examples of marketing done right to inspire you. Some of these will be quite humorous (yes, even the most successful brands make mistakes), while others are more serious in tone. 

But all of them represent some of the best content marketing out there.

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1. Successful content marketing requires a deep understanding of the target audience.
2. High-quality and relevant content is essential for engaging the audience.
3. Consistent distribution across various platforms amplifies content reach.
4. Storytelling is a powerful technique for creating emotional connections.
5. Incorporating visuals, such as infographics and videos, enhances content appeal.
6. Leveraging user-generated content can foster authenticity and trust.
7. Incorporating interactive elements like quizzes and polls encourages engagement.
8. Thought leadership content establishes authority in the industry.
9. Using data-driven insights helps tailor content to audience preferences.
10. Content should address pain points and provide solutions for the audience.

An Opinionated Example Of Great Content Marketing

You’ll want to avoid creating content that’s too salesy or self-serving. Instead, focus on providing valuable information for your audience. Here are five examples of content marketing done right:

Buzzfeed – This site is all about humor and entertainment, but it also does a great job of making you feel like you’re learning something new. It’s easy to see how this could help them build a loyal fan base.

Red Bull – The energy drink company creates videos that feature talented athletes doing incredible things. They have excellent engagement numbers and videos with millions of views thanks to their unique approach!

Ikea Hackers – This website lets you share ideas for transforming cheap furniture into beautiful pieces that fit your style and budget perfectly! It’s an awesome resource when considering redesigning your living room or kitchen!

Dollar Shave Club – The company sells razors at affordable prices while educating consumers on how they can save money by switching over from expensive brands purchased at drugstores (or grocery stores). 

Their funny ad campaign is hilarious but also gets viewers excited about saving money!

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1. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is a media company that produces content for social media. They are one of the leaders in the field of content marketing and their products are highly shareable on social media. Their social media presence is massive with over 1 billion followers across all platforms. 

They even do things like post quizzes that help you learn more about yourself and your relationships with others!

This company has a large following and audience so they know what people want to see on social media. This allows them to create great content that people will want to share with friends and family online.

2. Redbull

Red Bull is a brand that is known for its extreme sports content. They have an active social media presence with over four million followers on Facebook, 1.8 million followers on Twitter, and 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Their success can be attributed to their ability to create engaging content that resonates with their audience. 

Their Instagram account is filled with pictures of people performing crazy stunts or doing something daring such as skydiving off of a building, but they also post other things like photos of their employees at work or videos of them celebrating the holidays together as a team!

3. Ikea Hackers

Ikea Hackers is a blog that allows its readers to discover DIY projects, hacks, and inspiration for their homes. It’s a popular site with over 1.5 million fans on Facebook and more than 7.5 million followers on Pinterest.

Ikea Hackers has been around since 2004, but it wasn’t until 2010 that they started to use content marketing by welcoming guest bloggers and creating how-to videos for their website. 

Their growth has been impressive as they’ve added roughly 20 million social media followers in the last 10 years alone!

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4. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a subscription service for men’s grooming products. They create funny videos that go viral and use content marketing to build a community around their brand.

You probably know about them because of the YouTube video that started it all. In 2011, Dollar Shave Club released this hilarious video on YouTube which has been viewed over 19 million times:

The video went viral and helped launch their business as well as create new customers for them through social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). 

The company now has over 2 million subscribers and continues to use content marketing strategies to sell its products online.

5. Apple

Apple has a long history of creating some of the most memorable content marketing campaigns. Perhaps you remember their “Think Different” campaign from 1997 that featured legendary people like Gandhi and Bob Dylan. 

Or perhaps you recall the “I’m A Mac” commercials that aired in 2006, featuring John Hodgman as an expert Mac user and Justin Long as a PC novice. And how could anyone forget Apple’s famous “Get a Mac” campaign?

Regardless of whether or not you were an Apple fan before these campaigns began, there is no denying that they resonated with their audiences at the time and continue to be relevant today.

6. Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels, a hotel chain that operates in over 30 countries, employs content marketing in many forms. They have a blog where they regularly share articles and tips on travel, hospitality, and other topics related to their business. 

They also have a newsletter that goes out once per week with travel deals and discounts on Marriott properties.

Their website is full of information about their properties around the world, each with its page listing amenities like pools or spas as well as photos and video tours of those features. 

This helps visitors who are considering staying at one of these hotels understand what they can expect from each location before booking a reservation online through the site.

The company also has an app for travelers who want more information about Marriott hotels without having to visit their website every time they need something like how far away each property is from local attractions.

Or how much it costs per night depending on what type of room you’re looking for (standard king room vs deluxe suite). 

The app also offers coupons when users sign up so they’ll know what kinds of deals are available before booking accommodations through this channel instead.”

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7. Virgin Airlines

Virgin Airlines is a brand that doesn’t have the budget to do traditional advertising. Their content marketing strategy is to connect with their audience through a variety of channels, including blogging and social media.

The purpose of their content marketing strategy is to create a consistent and engaging brand experience, which leads to better customer loyalty. They also want to create a community of like-minded individuals who share their passion for travel, adventure, and exploration.

To achieve these goals they focus on creating compelling stories about their employees, customers, and products so people can connect emotionally with the brand.

8. Coca-Cola Journey

Coca-Cola Journey is a great example of content marketing done right. Coca-Cola has been successfully using this method for years now and it’s been very effective in getting its message across. 

They have created a website that showcases videos, pictures, stories, and other forms of content to keep people engaged with the brand. This helps them stay top of mind in consumers’ minds as well as drive sales.

Content marketing can be difficult to pull off correctly because you need to create something that’s going to engage your audience while also being relatable enough so they will want more from you! 

The key is finding ways to connect with your target audience by giving them relevant information about what they want/need but also about what’s going on currently too if possible.

Since this will allow them to feel like there know who we are which increases trust levels too which makes everything easier overall, especially when trying to build relationships with potential clients (or even current ones).

9. Subaru’s Dog Tested Campaign

Subaru’s dog-tested campaign was a viral success. The car company created a series of videos that featured dogs being put through their paces to test the strength and durability of Subaru vehicles. 

Each video received millions of views on YouTube and became popular on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

The campaign also sparked conversations on other sites like Reddit where users shared their own stories about their pets about Subaru cars.

10. Warner Bros. & Tastemade’s Harry Potter Recipes

The Warner Bros. and Tastemade partnership has been a huge success. The recipes have been shared hundreds of thousands of times, and the videos have racked up over 6 million views on YouTube.

Warner Bros. has done a great job creating these recipes that are accessible to home cooks, with simple instructions and unique ingredients (like chocolate frogs). 

It’s also made sure that all of the recipes are available in one place you don’t need to click through several different websites or follow multiple accounts to find all the recipes you’d want.

11. Mattel Introduces Barbie’s New Body & Changes The Game Forever

Mattel Inc., the maker of Barbie, introduced a new body type for the iconic doll. The move was controversial and it sparked a massive debate online.

Mattel decided to use content marketing to explain their business decision and win over a new audience. In addition to providing information on their website, they used social media platforms such as Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to speak directly to customers in real-time. 

Mattel also partnered with Glamour magazine for an article that included video content produced by Mattel featuring models like Ashley Graham discussing what it’s like being famous.

As well as tips on how women can be more confident in themselves (which was very timely considering all the controversy surrounding Barbie). This helped them sell more toys!

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12. GoldieBlox Inspires Girls To Be Engineers With A Kick-Ass Toy Ad That Went Viral

GoldieBlox is a toy that helps young girls get interested in engineering. The company’s slogan: “GoldieBlox are wooden toys for girls that inspire them to be engineers.”

This is an example of content marketing done right: It tells the story of a specific product and how it works, but it also tells the story of why the company exists and what its mission is. 

In this case, GoldieBlox wants to help girls who want to be engineers know how fun it can be and they want those same girls to have fun playing with their toys while learning something new.

13. GoPro’s Exciting Content Marketing Strategy For Action Junkies (Video)

If you’re an action junkie, then this is the content marketing strategy for you. GoPro is a camera company that sells its products online and at retailers like Best Buy. 

The company’s content marketing strategy is all about creating engaging content that will help sell its products but not just any type of engaging content will do. 

GoPro uses social media to reach its audience, which includes athletes, explorers, and adventure seekers from around the world (and even outer space).

14. The LEGO Movie – How A Creative Content Marketing Strategy Built A Blockbuster Franchise

The LEGO Movie is a remarkable case study of content marketing done right. It was a blockbuster, one of the biggest box office hits of 2014, and quite possibly one of the most successful examples of content marketing ever.

It didn’t rely on product placement or celebrity endorsements; in fact, it’s almost entirely devoid of traditional advertising. 

A look at the movie’s IMDB page shows no ads at all outside its trailers and teasers. 

Instead, The LEGO Movie used an approach more akin to what we’d expect from a company like Apple: it created an original piece of content that did not advertise itself as product placement but rather helped build hype around its products with some clever reverse psychology.

15. IHOP Borrows ‘Mean Girls’ Slang To Win Over Millennials With Targeted Social Media Posting (Video)

The IHOP chain of restaurants is a great example of how to use social media to reach millennials. The restaurant chain recently posted on Instagram using the movie Mean Girls’ slang, with the caption: 

“You know you’ve had #3DaysOfIHOPCereals when you start dreaming about having your Pinkberry.” This playful approach was successful at reaching their target audience and getting them noticed by major news outlets like BuzzFeed and Huffington Post.

The goal for this post wasn’t just to get likes or comments (although those things do matter), it was also about getting people interested in coming back for more posts that could help drive sales.

16. National Geographic Shows The Power Of Social Causes By Droning The North Pole (Video)

National Geographic has historically been a content marketing powerhouse, and in 2019 it’s still proving itself to be one of the best at what it does. 

From its stunning drone footage of the North Pole to its breathtaking photos of Afghanistan and more recent “Your Shot” series featuring women photographers, National Geographic always knows how to make you stop scrolling through your Instagram feed and pay attention.

In their latest video outing, they show off their impressive aerial photography skills while explaining why they’re doing it: to raise awareness around social causes like climate change and sustainability. 

The video features some truly eye-popping drone footage of glaciers melting away as well as some incredible views from above that make you feel like you’re right there with them all while sharing important information about environmental issues affecting us all.

17. 12 Creative Ways GE Is Using Content Marketing To Modernize Itself As A Digital Industrial Company (Video)

If you’re anything like me, then it’s been quite a while since you’ve read an instruction manual. And if you are anything like me, then you probably don’t remember your first one either. 

For many of us, the instructions for our first time using an appliance or device were written in the format of the instruction that we now all know and love (or hate): bullet points with numbered steps and maybe some pictures to break up the monotony.

If this sounds familiar, then check out GE’s new content marketing strategy for its digital industrial company (video).

18. How JCPenney Took #TBT To A Whole New Level On Twitter (Video)

In the age of social media and the internet, sharing old photos is a great way to bring your brand back to life. That’s what JCPenney did on Twitter with their #TBT campaign. They took old products and repurposed them for today’s audience.

The result? An awesome success that people loved! It showed how relevant their marketing strategy was at its core: share information about something so people can connect on an emotional level with your business.

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19. Oreo’s Real-Time Marketing Takes Home Super Bowl XLVII MVP Award (Even Though Its Team Lost) (Video)

Be a part of the conversation. Oreo’s real-time marketing strategy was successful because it was able to engage in the conversation that fans were already having during the Super Bowl.

Be a part of something larger than yourself. Oreo’s strategy was not just about getting attention for themselves, but also about being a part of something bigger: 

Making fun of marketing strategies like theirs and making people laugh at themselves as they consume media during the Super Bowl (which is exactly what I’m doing right now).

Be a part of something bigger than yourself when you do your content marketing!


We hope this blog post has shown you that there are many ways to create a successful content marketing campaign. As always, if there’s an example you think we missed, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to our list!

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What are some key elements of successful content marketing?

Successful content marketing involves a deep understanding of your target audience, the creation of valuable and relevant content, consistent distribution across various platforms, and continuous analysis and optimization.

How can I learn from real-world content marketing successes?

You can learn from real-world content marketing successes by studying case studies, analyzing the strategies and tactics used by successful brands, and adapting relevant approaches to your own content campaigns.

What role does audience engagement play in content marketing?

Audience engagement is vital in content marketing as it fosters meaningful interactions, builds relationships, and increases brand loyalty. Engaged audiences are more likely to share and interact with your content.

How can I ensure my content marketing efforts deliver ROI?

To ensure your content marketing efforts provide a positive return on investment (ROI), set clear goals, track key performance metrics, continuously refine your strategies based on data insights, and focus on producing high-quality, relevant content.

What are some common challenges in content marketing?

Common challenges in content marketing include standing out in a saturated digital landscape, maintaining consistency in content creation, addressing evolving audience needs, and effectively measuring the impact of your content efforts.