13 Exciting Reasons To Get Excited About Freelance Web Design

Usually, I would start off a blog post like this by saying I’ve been a freelance web designer for a decade blah blah blah.

This blog post is different because I am super excited about starting my new freelance website design business but it’s not because of years in the industry.

That might have let me accumulate clients and experience, but it’s the work I’ve been doing on my side business that has me stoked!

How To Make A Freelance Website 2020
Freelance web design can be a lucrative and fulfilling career choice.
Building a strong portfolio and online presence is key to attracting clients.
Constantly improving skills and keeping up with industry trends is important for staying competitive.
Networking and building relationships with clients and other freelancers can lead to new opportunities.
Properly managing time and finances is crucial for success as a freelancer.

1. I Have Complete Control Of The Design Process

One of the best things about freelance website design is that you have complete control over the design process. As a freelancer, you’re not just a cog in a corporate machine you are the whole machine! You can make all of your own decisions, and you don’t need permission from anyone else to get started.

When it comes to designing websites for clients, this freedom means that you can create exactly what they want there’s no one else to get in your way or second-guess your decisions. If a client wants something changed or added to their website after it has been published, you can make those changes without going through any red tape.

It also means that if a client wants something done fairly quickly, you can get it done without having to wait on approvals from other people.

As a freelancer, how long you spend working on each job is entirely up to you; there’s no set schedule or deadline (other than maybe the ones imposed by your clients). This lets you be more flexible with how much time and effort goes into each project; if one job takes longer than another because of special requests from the client, then so be it! 

You won’t receive any reprimands for taking extra time on one job over another because there’s nobody looking at how fast everything gets done except yourself and maybe some friends who work in similar industries (but even then only if they’re willing listeners!).

Effective communication with clients is key to building long-term relationships and creating successful projects. As mentioned in our article on 22 expert tips to improve your web design freelancing career, it’s important to actively listen to clients and ask the right questions to fully understand their needs.

2. I Decide Who I Work With

This is the best. I love being able to decide who I work with, who I hire to help me, what projects I take on and what prices I charge. It’s awesome.

You might have experienced this yourself when you were looking for a new phone or car to buy. You started looking at one company but eventually moved on because they didn’t seem like the right fit for you or your needs. 

When you had a bad customer service experience or an interaction with a salesperson that was less than ideal it made you want to move on and keep hunting around until you found someone better. That’s how it works in my business too.

3. I Can Work From Anywhere

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to be chained to your desk for eight hours a day. Just bring along your trusty laptop and find an internet connection, and work is possible nearly anywhere.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to working environments, but this flexibility allows for a lot of variety. Maybe you like the bustling energy of coffee shops; maybe you prefer working from home in your pajamas; maybe you want to check out that new hotel in town but only have time during the week, or maybe you want to take advantage of that sunny beach while you still can. The possibilities are endless!

4. I’ll Always Be Learning New Things

When you’re doing freelance work, part of the job is learning how to do the work that your client needs. If a client were to ask me to build them a website, I’d need to learn how they can get their own domain name and web hosting before I could even begin creating the website.

I would also need to learn about choosing an appropriate content management system (CMS) for my client’s needs, as well as which plugins or add-ons might work best for their site.

Additionally, in order for me to find clients and secure their business, I’ll have to market myself; this means that I’ll need to constantly be on top of marketing trends and strategies so that I’m able to put my best foot forward. As a freelancer, if you aren’t continually learning about your industry, it’s easy for your skills (and by extension, your business) to become obsolete.

Starting a freelance web design business can be overwhelming, but following some basic rules can make the process much smoother. Our article on 19 rules for starting freelance web design provides practical advice on topics like setting up a business structure, pricing, and marketing.

5. No One Will Be Micro-Managing Me

When you work for yourself at a company, you get to dispense with the constant oversight of someone else.

I don’t know about you, but it drives me nuts when I’m in the middle of a project and some jerk comes along to ask how it’s coming or try to tell me how to do my job.

I’m fairly certain that micro-managing is a tactic created by evil people under the influence of black magic. I have been on projects where managers have insisted that they approve every single workflow task as it’s completed. That’s ridiculous! It made them feel better and more powerful, but it did not make my job any easier it just added another link to the chain of communication on an already over-communicated project.

I am thrilled beyond words at the idea of doing work without having some idiot looking over my shoulder or telling me what do to at every step.

6. There’s No Need To Waste Money On An Office Space

There’s no need to waste money on office space. If you want to wear sweatpants and slippers while working, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so. And if you’re more comfortable at a coffee shop or library, that works too! The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing your workspace, so don’t feel as if you have to make the decision lightly.

There’s no need to waste money on office equipment. Even better: why buy your own desk and chair when you can rent them? That way, if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase at any point during the rental period, there’s an option for returning it for a full refund as long as the item hasn’t been damaged.

There’s no need to waste money on hiring administrative staff. Not only is this a hefty cost-saving measure but also a stress reliever: no longer will you have to worry about someone else making a costly mistake with payroll or other expenses you’ll be in complete control of those decisions yourself!

Personally, speaking? I couldn’t be happier with where things stand right now. Thanks again to everybody who has helped me along this journey; it truly means everything that my family and friends supported me through thick and thin during these uncertain times (even though they were skeptical). You guys had faith in me when nobody else did 🙂

Freelance web designers have the flexibility to work on their own terms, but that also means they need to stay disciplined and manage their time effectively. Our article on how to get the most out of your freelance web design work offers tips on staying organized, creating a schedule, and avoiding distractions.

7. Meetings Will Be A Thing Of The Past

It’s true. Meetings are a complete waste of time and energy. We give credit to author and management consultant Patrick Lencioni, who is famous for his books on business leadership. He asserts that meetings aren’t an efficient use of anyone’s time and money, especially for people who have to travel long distances just to attend them. 

By the same token, I think we can all agree that meetings are boring. Sure, it’s nice to see your colleagues in person from time to time or in some cases, maybe not but there are better ways to communicate with coworkers than making everyone sit through a PowerPoint presentation on sales forecasts or whatever else they come up with at these things.

With remote work comes greater individual accountability. You don’t need permission or help from anyone else because you have full autonomy over the content you create and how you choose to create it!

8. New Opportunities And Connections Are Just Around The Corner

Networking In addition to getting a fresh start, you also have the added advantage of meeting new people and connecting with other freelancers. Through these connections, you can meet others who are looking for help on their freelance website design projects as well as those who have faced similar trials and tribulations to what you’re experiencing now.

Take advantage of all the opportunities to learn from your colleagues both online and offline at conferences or local networking events, for instance. Through these resources, you may find that there is, even more, to gain by simply becoming a part of this community than by acquiring new clients!

Client relations Starting out means that you get to work with people that are brand new just like your own freelancer website design business is. When working with clients that already know what they want, it can be easy to get frustrated if things don’t go according to plan; however, they may not understand how best practices can impact their site’s performance in terms of search engine rankings or user experience either because they don’t know themselves yet (which makes sense since no one was born knowing everything about SEO).

Hiring a freelance web designer can bring a fresh perspective and specialized skills to a project. As discussed in our article on why hiring a freelance web designer may help you, freelancers can offer more affordable rates, faster turnaround times, and a personalized approach to meeting client needs.

9. I’m Going To Find More Time For Other Things In My Life

The first thing you’ll notice is that your days will seem longer. You’ll have more time for hanging out with the family, taking up new hobbies, and traveling the world. Perhaps most importantly, though, you’ll finally have time to just sit and do nothing.

The last bit might sound counterintuitive: after all, how can you get anything done if you aren’t working? But as it turns out, doing nothing is actually an important part of being productive.

After spending a few hours focused on something like building a website or emailing clients (two activities that freelance designers tend to do frequently), it’s absolutely necessary to take some time off and let our brains rest before moving on to the next task.

10. There’s No Glass Ceiling In Freelancing

One great thing about being a freelancer is that there are no hierarchies. You’re the boss. There’s no one above you, and therefore, there’s no glass ceiling on your income. You have the opportunity to take on as much work as you want, charging what you want and earning as much as you want. This is great news for those who are eager to make their mark on the world with their entrepreneurial spirit and self-starter attitude.

11. Saying, “That’s Not In My Job Description,” Can Be A Good Thing

There’s a time and a place when it’s essential to step up and take on more work than you’re paid for, but being able to say, “That’s not in my job description,” can mean the difference between the success or failure of your business.

Whether you’re a writer, photographer, graphic designer, chef whatever. We’ve all been in those situations where we’ve felt pressured by others to do something that we know isn’t appropriate.

 Here are some ways to say no without alienating clients or losing their respect:

Be firm but polite. Don’t be afraid to let your client know what is and isn’t possible with their project. Avoid phrases like “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure about that.” Instead frame your response with authority by saying things like “What I recommend instead is…”

Offer an alternative solution or idea. Sometimes simply telling someone no isn’t enough, especially if they don’t understand why you’re saying no! For example, if a client requests a specific feature for the website you’re building for them that would require more work than what is within your contract agreement; offer up an alternative solution that will satisfy both parties. This way everyone feels like they’ve gotten their needs met while still being respectful of each other’s boundaries which can really help improve future relationships too!

12. Freelancers Are Happier Than Corporate Employees

I’ve been a freelancer for about a year now, and honestly, I’m way happier than I was when working for a company. When you’re a freelancer, you have more flexibility in how and when you work, especially if you’re setting your own rates and can negotiate with clients to find the best schedule that works for both of you.

As a freelancer, you have more control of the work that comes your way. You get to choose what projects to work on rather than being assigned tasks by an employer or manager. It’s easier to keep yourself motivated in the long run because it’s up to you what sorts of things to take on and which ones don’t fit so well with your interests. This means better job satisfaction (which leads us back full circle into happiness)!

Entering the world of freelance web design can be intimidating, but there are many resources available to help beginners get started. Our article on how to get started in freelance web design provides tips on building a portfolio, setting up a website, and finding clients to kickstart your career.

13. Freelancing Is Going To Be Great

As you start your new freelance career, you may find that you face some challenges. But in the end, it will be worth it.

Freelancers are generally happier than their corporate counterparts. In a survey of almost 6,000 freelancers, 87% said they were happier as freelancers than they were working for someone else. One-third of people surveyed said their biggest reason for switching from a traditional job to freelancing was because of freedom over their schedule and lifestyle.

The freedom to work on the projects you want to work on is one thing that attracts so many people to freelance work. And this freedom often allows for new opportunities to learn and grow as a web designer. 

Because there’s no setlist of clients or projects like in a traditional corporate job, freelance web designers have the potential to always be learning something new from what they’re working on at any given time. This makes freelancing an excellent way to build your skill set while making money doing it a huge plus!

When you’re starting out as a new website design, there will be things you don’t know how to do right away that clients might expect or ask for. But with each project comes the opportunity to learn something new or brush up on existing skills through research or taking classes online or in-person the options are endless.

Final Thought 

There are a few reasons why freelancing is so appealing. For me, the most important was the freedom that being self-employed would afford me. As I said, I am a very independent person, so the goal of working for myself as much as I can is one of my primary motivations for starting my new freelance website design business.

Another reason that I’m so excited about starting this new business is the prospect of meeting new people and learning from them.

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What is freelance web design?

Freelance web design is the practice of working independently as a web designer, rather than being employed by a single company or organization. Freelancers typically work on a project basis, taking on work from various clients as needed.

What are the benefits of becoming a freelance web designer?

Some of the benefits of becoming a freelance web designer include greater flexibility and control over one’s work, the ability to work on a variety of projects, and potentially higher earnings than working as an employee for a single company.

How do I get started as a freelance web designer?

Getting started as a freelance web designer typically involves building a strong portfolio of work, networking with potential clients, and setting up a business structure. There are many resources available online that can help aspiring freelancers navigate these steps.

What are some common challenges faced by freelance web designers?

Common challenges for freelance web designers include managing client expectations, finding a steady stream of work, and setting prices that accurately reflect the value of their work.

How can I ensure my success as a freelance web designer?

Success as a freelance web designer depends on a number of factors, including talent, hard work, and dedication. Additionally, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies, and to continually develop one’s skills and expertise through ongoing learning and professional development.

How Did You Get Started In Freelance Website Design?

I first got into freelance website design through a job as a volunteer. I was working for a program where I spent a lot of time with people who were starting their own businesses, and sometimes that meant helping them set up their websites. 

I loved the feeling of seeing something come together from the ground up, and it felt so great to be able to help people achieve their goals!

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Being A Freelancer?

My favorite thing about being a freelancer is getting to take on new challenges every day. Every project that comes my way is an opportunity to learn something new and do better work than I’ve done before!

Why Are You Starting Your Own Business?

I’m starting my own business because I want to be able to work with more clients who need my expertise. I’m also looking forward to having more control over how much time I spend on each project that way, I can make sure that every client gets the best possible service.

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