12 Halloween Magazine Cover Ideas

Halloween is the one time of year when it’s perfectly acceptable to be spooky. Whether you like to scare people or just want to have fun, there are plenty of ways to do it. 

You could create a haunted house out of your basement, or maybe you would rather have some scary decorations around the outside of your home. Whatever kind of Halloween atmosphere you’re trying to create this year, these magazine cover ideas will help with inspiration!

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1. Spooktacular Halloween Themes
2. Captivating Cover Designs
3. Creepy Typography Choices
4. Eye-catching Illustrations
5. Playful Use of Colors
6. Hauntingly Beautiful Artwork
7. Incorporating Iconic Symbols
8. Eerie and Atmospheric Vibes
9. Halloween-inspired Photography
10. Clever and Witty Headlines
11. Embracing Dark Aesthetics
12. Engaging Interactive Elements

Spooky Pumpkin Lanterns

This year, we’re going to take a look at pumpkins. Pumpkins are one of the most iconic decorations for Halloween, and you don’t need me to tell you that. However, did you know that they also make great lanterns?

Think about it: a pumpkin is already hollowed out naturally (usually by insects), making it easy to cut holes where necessary. 

Plus, it has a handle on one end so you can carry it around easily! This makes pumpkin lanterns perfect for when you need light but doesn’t want to have an actual fire in the house you could just put some candles inside instead! And if they aren’t lit? That’s fine too because pumpkins are bright orange anyway they’re pretty much like little suns themselves!

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Perfectly Carved Pumpkins

In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to create a magazine cover featuring a perfectly carved pumpkin. Carving a face or scene into a pumpkin is an ancient tradition that has spanned centuries and cultures. It is thought to have begun in Mexico in the 16th century, but the practice has since spread across North America and beyond!

To get started on your project, you’ll need:

  • A sharp knife (or pumpkin carving tool)
  • A template for the design you want (or draw your own)

Haunted House In The Haunted Forest

If you want to create a spooky scene, look no further. This magazine cover idea is perfect for Halloween and can be used as both a front and back cover. 

The background is dark with some lights on in the distance, pointing towards an old haunted house that stands in the middle of a scary forest. The whole effect of this magazine cover design creates a sense of mystery, which will leave clients wanting more!

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Witches Flying On Broomsticks

Witches riding broomsticks are a Halloween staple and one of the most iconic images associated with this holiday. These witches have pointy hats, warts and crooked noses, green skin, black cloaks, and usually carry a broomstick.

Halloween Cat

The Halloween cat. Cat lovers will appreciate this cute and playful Halloween magazine cover design.

Cats have been around for a long time, but they are still very popular pets in the United States today. Cats can be black, white, grey, or tabby (with striped fur). They are also independent and like to do things their way; this is sometimes called a “cat attitude.” Cats are good at hiding when they want to avoid something unpleasant like going to the vet!

Even though cats are known for being cute and cuddly creatures, it’s important not to forget that these animals are predators who hunt small prey like birds or mice. You should never trust an unfamiliar cat outside your home you never know what it might do!

Man Holding Knife Coming Out Of The Dark

This cover is a great way to show what Halloween magazine publishing can do for you. The man holding the knife is dressed in black clothing with a mask covering his face and a hat on his head. He is standing in the dark, ready to strike! You could also use this scene on your website or social media platforms for Halloween season marketing.

Devilish Red Eyes

Once you’ve got your model looking scary with a snarl and blood-soaked clothing, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Yes, you can use makeup for this step but you’ll want to keep things simple if you’re doing this yourself. Paint an eerie shade of red on the whites of their eyes it will make them look more devilish than ever!

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A Pumpkin With A Wicked Jack-O-Lantern Face

Carving pumpkins is a fun activity for the whole family. If you haven’t tried it yet, get your Halloween magazine cover started by carving a pumpkin face! This can be done in any number of ways; if you’re feeling extra crafty, try using tools like cookie cutters and stencils to create elaborate designs.

Pumpkins are a great source of beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A) and vitamin C which may help fight against certain types of cancer and heart disease. But don’t wait until October 31st to reap the benefits! Get started on your spooky magazine cover today!

Skulls And Bones In A Graveyard Scene

The first one is a graveyard scene. You can place skulls and bones throughout your magazine, or you can have a large image of a skull and crossbones in the background.

Another option is to make an image that has a “skull” in many different languages. This will look great if you have a phrase like “a new way to see the world” or “a fresh perspective on life.” Finally, you could also use an image of a skull with wings and lightning coming from it like this:

Scary Monster Rising Out Of A Lake, Swamp, Or Fog

If you have a scary monster photo that includes a black background, you can use it for this magazine cover. The best thing to do is find a photo of the monster rising out of a lake or swamp (or fog).

Another good option is to use a black and white image for your cover.

If you don’t have any of these photos, then try taking one with any kind of gloomy-looking background. You can also use Photoshop to add some foggy effects or misty haze around the edges of your character’s face or body if you’d like!

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Scary Witch With Green Skin, Pointy Hat, And Crooked Nose With Wart

  • Witches are scary
  • Witches have green skin
  • Witches have pointy hats
  • Witches have crooked noses
  • Witches have warts

Witches have white hair, but they could be black cats instead if you like that better, or owls or whatever else comes to mind when you think “witch”

Mummy Wrapped In White Bandages

Mummies are often associated with Egypt and the dead. They’re also associated with the supernatural, given that many mummies were made by ancient magic or a curse. Mummies have become popular Halloween characters because they can be scary or comical you can even make them into marshmallow treats!

If you want to feature a mummy on your magazine cover, keep in mind that they’re usually wrapped in white bandages. You could use this as a base for your design by using shades of white and black to create interesting textures and patterns on your model’s body.

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These Halloween magazine cover ideas will help you to create a spooky, scary, and ghoulish cover for your next publication. You can use them for digital or print magazines. The possibilities are endless, so have fun with these ideas and try making one of your own!

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