11 Ways I Made My Marketing More Enjoyable

It’s no secret that marketing is important. You’ve probably heard people say “your business is only as good as your marketing” or “you can have the best product in the world, but if you can’t get it out there to people, it doesn’t matter.” 

That’s all true! But there’s a dark side to getting so focused on learning how to market that you forget to have any fun. Here are 11 ways I turned my own marketing into something more enjoyable and more effective:

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Key Takeaways
1. Incorporate humor and creativity into your marketing content.
2. Embrace storytelling to engage and connect with your audience.
3. Find joy in experimenting with new marketing strategies.
4. Focus on building authentic relationships with your audience.
5. Create content that addresses your audience’s pain points.
6. Inject your personality and values into your marketing efforts.
7. Collaborate with influencers or partners for fresh perspectives.
8. Keep learning and adapting to stay ahead in the marketing game.
9. Use data and analytics to refine your strategies over time.
10. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks and try new things.
11. Celebrate your successes and milestones along the way.

1. I Stopped Viewing My Marketing As A Chore

I think we all have days where we just can’t seem to get anything done, but I don’t think it’s because we lack motivation or because work is hard. I think it’s because we see our work as a burden or a chore that needs to be done and not something fun. 

When you view things in this way, it makes them harder to accomplish because you automatically feel like they’re burdensome tasks that need to be done right then rather than an opportunity for growth and accomplishment later on. 

It also removes any incentive for doing what you need to do if all you’re thinking about is how much work it will take before things are finished!

To change this mindset around your marketing efforts: stop thinking about marketing as something you have to do; start thinking about it as something fun and exciting! 

Think about how you can make each aspect of your campaign more interactive so people find value in participating with us instead of just seeing us as another company trying to sell its products through social media posts (which we are).

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2. I Started Changing My Mindset

I mean, isn’t that what marketing is all about? Changing your mindset? If you think of marketing as a lonely pursuit, you’re doing it wrong. 

Marketing is not just about selling yourself and your product it’s also about connecting with other people to create the kind of experience that makes people want to buy from you. 

In other words, marketing is about building relationships with the people who can benefit from what you have to offer and making those relationships mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

3. I Told My Audience About My Struggles, And How I Got Through Them

The next time you’re talking to your audience, tell them about your struggles. Tell them how you got through them. 

Don’t go into too much detail you don’t want to bore them with too many details or make it seem like you’re complaining. But share enough information so they know what went wrong and how you overcame it!

You might be thinking: “But my audience doesn’t care about my problems! They just want me to teach them how I did X in marketing!” Yes, they do want that but when we look at the best teachers in our lives (like our parents or grandparents), what do they do? 

They tell stories about their own life experiences (even if they aren’t very interesting ones) because those stories help us understand the real-world applications of whatever theory or principle is being taught. 

We learn from those stories because we can see ourselves in their shoes; we can relate because their experiences are similar to ours. And this is true for any industry whether it’s marketing, cooking classes, home decorating seminars… anything!

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4. I Started Offering More Value To My Subscribers

Offer more value than you’re asking for

Here are some ways to do that:

Offer a freebie. A freebie is anything that doesn’t cost your customer anything but gives them something of value. For example, a report or an ebook on the topic related to your product and/or service.

Offer a consultation. If you’re not sure whether someone needs your product or service, offer them an in-person or phone consultation where they can get some clarity about what’s going on in their business so far and where it’s headed. 

This can help provide the motivation they need to move forward with buying from you instead of someone else (and it might even mean they’ll buy from both of you).

Offer a webinar series on how best practices within this industry work (e-mail marketing strategy; social media strategy; etc.) so that people know what kind of knowledge sets they should be looking out for when hiring someone like yourself who specializes in these areas specifically.

This could potentially save everyone lots time because everyone won’t have a hard time finding qualified workers who know exactly what kind

5. I Spent Less Time Listening To Gurus, And More Time Doing Things Myself

My marketing was constantly evolving. I read guru books, listened to guru podcasts, and watched guru YouTube videos for hours upon hours. My recommended social media schedule would be updated every month or so with more things that I “had” to do.

I had my internal clock of what I thought my marketing should look like, which became a source of stress when it didn’t match up with what others were doing in their businesses.

I also let other people’s opinions dictate mine: they said X was the best way; they said Y was necessary because it worked for them; they said Z can’t be done because you have no budget (or time). 

But here’s the thing: They didn’t know your business as you did! There is no one-size-fits-all solution for how long your sales page should be or how many videos you need on YouTube or how often you need to post on Facebook…

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6. I Started Being Honest With Myself

It’s important, to be honest with yourself about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how well it works.

This might sound obvious, but if your marketing plan isn’t working out as you want it to and I mean at all it’s time for a reality check. It can be easy (and tempting) to keep going down the same path just because that feels familiar and comfortable. 

But for your marketing efforts to be successful, they have to work for you and for the people who need them most: your customers.

7. I permitted Myself To Feel Good About What Was Working

If you don’t permit yourself to feel good, you might be sabotaging your marketing. For example, if I had been afraid of feeling like my efforts were working and that I was successful at what I was doing.

Then I would not have been able to enjoy the moments when it felt like they were working. If instead of feeling like an abject failure every time someone unsubscribed from my mailing list (or worse yet just never subscribed in the first place).

I had permitted myself to feel good about what was working and use those positive feelings as motivation for doing even better next time… well… let’s just say there could have been a lot more magic in this world.

8. I permitted Myself To Prioritize Fun Things Instead Of ‘should’ Things

One of the most important things you can do to make your marketing more enjoyable is to permit yourself to have fun.

For example, if you enjoy exercising, then don’t feel like you need to always choose “should” activities over “like” ones. I love working out and riding my bike every day. 

But sometimes I want an excuse not to go for a run or ride my bike when it’s cold outside, so I’ll take a day off from exercise and curl up on the couch with a good book instead.

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9. I Scheduled More Time For Self-Care

One of the most important things I did to make my marketing more enjoyable was to schedule more time for self-care.

Self-care is important because it helps you feel better, be happier, and make better decisions. It can also help you achieve your goals!

Here are some examples of self-care activities:

Take a walk outside or listen to music that makes you happy.

Buying yourself flowers or a small treat as an act of kindness toward yourself.

Choosing what’s best for your body instead of following a diet based on trendiness or someone else’s idea of health (for example, if gluten isn’t bothering you but eating bread makes other people uncomfortable). 

If there’s anything that helps me enjoy marketing more, it’s taking the time to do things like this even when I don’t have much free time–and especially when I’m feeling anxious about work!

10. I Started Asking For Help When I Needed It

One thing that’s helped me enjoy my marketing is asking for help when I need it.

I used to feel like I had to be superwoman in everything I did and often thought that asking for help was a sign of weakness or failure. Now I know that asking for assistance doesn’t mean you’re not capable it means you are smart enough to know when you need help! And it makes sense: why would your brain do something if it wasn’t able?

It’s okay to ask for help, even if you think you should be able to do everything by yourself. There are many people out there who are willing and able to lend a hand (or two). 

If they can assist with an aspect of your business that falls outside their expertise, then great! You’ve just gained an ally in the fight against overwhelm!

11. I Made Sure To Make Time For Happiness In Every Area Of My Life, Not Just In My Marketing

You might be surprised to hear that happiness is important for your marketing. I know it sounds strange, but there’s a reason for it: when we’re happy, we’re more creative, more energetic, and more productive. 

We can think better and work harder which means it’s easier to grow our businesses!

And while you may want to focus on growing your business all the time, sometimes taking care of yourself is way more important than working hard. If you don’t take time out for yourself now and then (even if you’re busy), then nothing else will matter! 

You’ll burn out, get sick, or even lose touch with friends and family and none of those things will help your business succeed either! And when everyone else has gone home from work but you still have another few hours or days left before bedtime… well…

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The truth is, there are a lot of ways to make your marketing life more enjoyable. It’s never going to be a walk in the park or anything like that, but you don’t have to dread coming to work every day either (or being stuck at home if you’re working remotely). 

Take our tips and try them out for yourself you’ll see what we mean when we say that it can get better!

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to making marketing more enjoyable:

How can I make my marketing efforts more enjoyable for both myself and my audience?

Engaging with your audience on a personal level, using creative storytelling, and incorporating humor into your content can all contribute to making your marketing efforts more enjoyable.

What are some effective strategies for attracting and retaining customers through marketing?

Utilizing personalized marketing campaigns, offering valuable content, providing exceptional customer service, and building a strong brand identity are all effective strategies for attracting and retaining customers.

How can I effectively promote a new product?

To promote a new product successfully, consider using a mix of digital marketing techniques, such as social media campaigns, influencer collaborations, email marketing, and paid advertising.

How can I ensure that my marketing strategies align with my target audience’s preferences?

Conduct thorough market research to understand your target audience’s preferences, behaviors, and pain points. Tailor your marketing strategies to address their needs and resonate with their interests.

What role does innovation play in making marketing more enjoyable?

Innovation can introduce fresh and exciting ideas into your marketing campaigns, capturing the attention of your audience and providing unique experiences that set your brand apart from competitors.