How To Write A Popular Article That Gets Thousands Of Comments

Writing an article is the easy part. It’s getting people to read it that’s the hard part. If you’re looking for traffic, comments, and social shares on your blog content, here are some tips that will help you write popular articles:

How to Write a Blog Post That Actually Gets Traffic
Key Takeaways
1. Captivating headlines are essential to grab readers’ attention.
2. Research thoroughly to provide accurate and valuable information.
3. Craft a relatable and engaging storytelling narrative.
4. Encourage reader interaction through thought-provoking questions.
5. Use visuals to enhance content and break up the text.
6. Foster a sense of community by responding to comments.
7. Promote the article through various channels for wider reach.
8. Continuously analyze and adapt based on reader feedback.
9. Monitor trends to ensure your content remains relevant.
10. Cultivate a genuine connection with your audience for lasting impact.

In A Relaxed Tone

Write Emotionally Provocative Content

Use Emotionally Provocative Content

Emotion is a powerful motivator. It’s what drives people to do the things they do, from eating the last piece of pizza to writing a comment on someone’s blog post. It’s how we humans make decisions and how we decide where our attention goes. 

When you write content that elicits strong emotions (happy or sad), it helps ensure that your audience will react to it in some way–and at least one reaction will be sticking around until the end of your article!

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Connect With Your Readers By Sharing A Personal Story

Connecting with readers is the key to a successful article. By sharing a personal story, you are showing that you are human and not afraid of sharing your life story. 

The more they can relate to what you have gone through, the higher chance they will be willing to read your next articles. You can also show examples of how you overcame challenges and how other people could do it as well through your writing.

By being honest about your flaws, others will be more inclined to share their stories as well and trust what you say since they know that there is no hidden agenda or ulterior motive behind what you write.

Share Your Life Lesson Unless You Want To Be Rich And Famous (Or Both)

If you want to be rich and famous (or both), then avoid sharing your life lessons.

I know, I know: You’re thinking that if you share your life lessons with the world, people will get some good advice and maybe even stop doing stupid things. 

That’s what we all think. But when it comes down to it, most of us just don’t have the patience for that kind of thing. We’d rather read about celebrities’ lives than yours because celebrities have lives that are more interesting than yours!

So unless you want to be rich and famous (or both), try not to share too many of your personal experiences in an article or blog post. Instead, focus on a specific topic like “How To Get Rid Of Cellulite” or “How To Lose Weight Fast.”

Make Your Point Of View Clear Right From The Start by using an emotional story to introduce your post and the main idea.

There’s a difference between being emotional and being emotional. If you write your post with an emotional angle that is clear from the start, then it will be easy for readers to relate to you and connect with your story.

You can do that by telling an emotional story about yourself or someone else to introduce your main idea and make it more relatable for readers. For example, if you are writing an article about how important it is for people to take care of their mental health, then sharing a personal experience might help make this point more effective: 

“When I was struggling with depression last year, my mom helped me through some tough times by encouraging me not to give up hope. We talked on the phone every night before bedtime so she could make sure I was safe at home. When things got really bad after my father died last year…

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Create An Emotional Connection With Your Readers By Sharing Things That Are Hard To Share

It’s difficult to write about things that are hard to share. There’s a lot of pressure on us as writers and content creators to keep our audience engaged, but if you’re going to talk about something personal or difficult, you might think no one will want to read it.

If your article isn’t filled with pictures or videos (which can be the case on sites like Medium) then you need a way for your reader to connect emotionally with your writing. You have two options: Either share an experience that they can relate to, or use an emotion-inducing technique such as humor or irony.

Create A Listicle But Only If You Have Something Unique And Valuable To Offer

If you want to write a popular article that gets thousands of comments, you need to be aware of the limitations of listicles. You can make a listicle about any topic but only if you have something unique and valuable to offer.

If you don’t have anything unique or valuable to say, then it’s better to not make a listicle at all. If your article is just another rehashing of what other people have already said in their articles and content, then readers will know immediately that they are getting nothing new from reading your content.

The same goes for anyone who doesn’t understand how writing works–they’re always going around telling writers that they should write more like this one person or another person instead of developing their voice. 

This is bad advice because nobody wants their writing style compared to someone else’s; it makes them look weak and lazy because they aren’t trying hard enough with their work!

Effective storytelling can transform your message into an unforgettable experience for readers. Explore our insights on captivating your audience through simplified storytelling and become a true master of narrative.

Re-Create An Old Post And Turn It Into A Listicle

One of the easiest ways to make your articles stand out is to turn a post you already wrote into a listicle. Listicles are easy to read, they get shared more, and they get more comments.

You don’t even have to do any additional research for this one; just look at what’s already on your site, find topics that lend themselves well to lists (e.g., “10 Reasons Why You Should Try Meditation”), and re-create the piece in list format!

Use Your Stories As Data Points In Support Of Your Ideas

One of the best ways to make your article more memorable is to include personal stories and examples. For example, if you’re writing about how people shouldn’t use their cell phones at dinner parties because it’s rude to other people, a good story would be: “I was at a friend’s house once and they ate dinner while they were on their cell phone! It was super annoying.”

Another way to use stories as data points in support of your ideas is by using what I call “the expert trick.” This involves using someone else’s experience as evidence for your claim (e.g., “According to my doctor…”). This can sometimes backfire (e.g., “According to my doctor, eating chocolate will help keep me from dying from being old”) so use this with caution!

Stop Writing About What You Think Others Want To Read And Start Writing About What You Want To Write.

The first thing to do is to stop writing about what you think others want to read and start writing about what you want to write. When the words flow from your heart, they will resonate with thousands of people who need your words.

When I started writing for a living, it wasn’t easy for me because I wasn’t passionate about anything at that time. But as I continued to write and worked on myself, my passion grew and I became more confident in myself and my work. Today, when I sit down at my laptop or iPad (in bed), all ideas pop into my head like popcorn popping on an open flame!

But it doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time practicing daily habits until they become second nature and then over time they become automatic habits that help us achieve our goals faster than ever before.”

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Write Something Controversial But Don’t Take Sides Just Yet

The first thing you need to do is write something controversial.

It doesn’t have to be about politics or religion, though that’s a good place to start. Instead, it can be about anything: a topic in the news, your opinion on something that generated buzz online lately, or even an observation about your own life. 

The important thing is that it will make people think and talk about it later when they see the article shared on social media or read it again later.

If You’re Not Sure What Might Qualify As Controversial Within These Parameters, Here Are Some Examples

Writing an article saying that “all women are bad drivers” would probably generate plenty of comments and not just ones agreeing with you! Many readers would probably disagree with this statement and even get angry at both its content and tone (especially if they were female). 

This kind of statement is also very easy for others to share because most people won’t want their friends thinking they agree with this sort of thing (especially if those friends included female drivers). 

As long as no one says anything too offensive in response–and preferably only says things related by way of critique–you should see some healthy engagement from your audience!

Share The World’s Best Content, With A Twist

If you want to boost your article’s popularity, make sure it’s filled with the best stories from around the web. This will help establish your blog as a reliable source of information for your readers, which is one of the most important things when it comes to writing a popular article.

So What Are Some Examples Of These Kinds Of Articles? Well, Here Are Just A Few

Share The World’s Best Content: You can do this by sharing an interesting story from another site or platform. Look for something that fits in with your blog’s niche and target audience, but not so much that it feels like advertorial content (which nobody likes). 

If you want people to take away something meaningful from reading an article on your site, then try connecting with them on an emotional level by sharing something relatable (or at least useful) instead of just showing off how much knowledge you have about something specific topic area – even if they might not be interested in learning more!

Raise Arguments In Support Of Your Point Of View And Then Destroy Them

At this point, you should have a really good sense of what you want to write about. Make sure that it’s something that people will be interested in reading. That said, if you’re not sure what your article is about yet, keep brainstorming other ideas until one finally sticks.

Now that we’ve got our topic, let’s start thinking about how we’re going to make it interesting for readers and keep them engaged with our writing all the way through (and hopefully beyond). First off: Don’t get too emotional or try too hard to convince people who don’t agree with you it just comes across as desperate or disingenuous. 

Instead of getting angry at anyone who disagrees with you on your topic (or even those who might just seem like they disagree), try putting yourself in their shoes and consider why someone might feel differently than you do that will help create a more balanced view of things overall!

Of course, this isn’t always possible when there are two opposing sides but even then there are still ways for both parties

Drawing inspiration from diverse sources can breathe new life into your creative writing journey. Explore our takeaways from graphic novels that can enhance your creative writing skills and add a unique dimension to your storytelling.

Overcome The Fear Of Being Judged By Looking At It From A Different Perspective

When you’re writing, you can’t please everyone. Don’t try to. It will only drive you crazy and make your writing worse because it will become too self-conscious and weirdly catered to the audience. Instead, focus on what makes sense for your piece and write it with confidence, forgetting about whether or not other people would agree (which is impossible anyway). 

The more confident and in control of the process of writing that you are, the less likely it is that anyone will be able to tell whether or not something strikes them as off-putting because they aren’t in charge you are! And if someone does disagree with something? So what? Who cares? Your article isn’t written for them anyway it’s written for yourself!


Writing a popular article is hard, but it’s not impossible. Many factors go into making an article popular, but in this post, we’ll cover three of the most important:

Section: Engaging with your readers

Section: Writing engaging titles and subtitles

Section: Being consistent with your posting schedule (or not being consistent if you have a good reason)

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How can I make my articles more popular in my field?

Crafting articles that stand out in your field requires a combination of thorough research, unique insights, and engaging storytelling. Focus on providing valuable information and addressing your audience’s needs to increase the likelihood of popularity.

What are the critical steps in writing an effective article?

Writing an effective article involves several key steps, including topic selection, thorough research, creating an outline, crafting a captivating introduction, providing well-structured content, and concluding with a strong call to action.

How do I write engaging blog posts that keep readers interested?

To create engaging blog posts, use attention-grabbing headlines, tell relatable stories, incorporate visuals, break up content with subheadings, and maintain a conversational tone that resonates with your audience.

What role does audience targeting play in article writing?

Audience targeting is crucial for tailoring your content to the specific interests and needs of your readers. Understanding your audience allows you to create content that speaks directly to them, increasing the chances of engagement.

How can I maintain a consistent flow of ideas for my writing?

Generating a consistent flow of ideas involves staying curious, keeping up with industry trends, engaging in research, and leveraging your unique experiences. Regularly brainstorming and seeking inspiration from various sources can also help you develop a wealth of ideas.