How To Land Your Dream Job As Leasing Agent

If you’re looking to become a leasing agent, it’s good news: there are more jobs available than ever before. The bad news? There are also more people looking for those jobs, so competition has never been higher. 

But with the right preparation, you can make sure that you stand out from the crowd and land your dream job as a leasing agent in no time.

Written Resumes Are A Bad Idea

It’s important to remember that a written resume is an impersonal document, and it doesn’t provide the same opportunities for personal connection as your own voice would. 

Written resumes are also not easily accessible by employers (who have a lot of applicants to sift through), and they’re difficult to update or customize once you’ve sent them out. 

The best thing about a personal introduction is that it allows you to stand out from other candidates in your field by highlighting your unique background, interests, or strengths.

Get Your Name And Contact Information On Everything

Put your name and contact information on everything. Your resume, LinkedIn profile, website, business cards, and other materials should all have it. This will make it easier for people to find you once they’ve decided that they want to work with you.

You can include this information in different places depending on what kind of job you are applying for:

Get A Network Of People Who Know You

Network with people who know you and trust you. Networking is more than just asking for advice or help. It means being a part of the community and having friends that have your back when you need it most.

If someone tells someone they know and trust that they can count on you, then chances are good that person will be willing to recommend you again if he or she needs some help in return. 

This is how a network starts, grows, and continues over time as long as there’s mutual respect among all parties involved in the relationship (and if there isn’t, then watch out because this person might stab you in the back).

Be Available To Refer People To Anyone Who Wants To Meet With You

When you’re an agent, you need to be willing to refer people to anyone who wants to meet with you. You never know if someone has the perfect deal for them and may even put them in touch with someone else who can help them find their dream home.

You should also be available to refer people to anyone who wants to meet with you and then once they’ve met with another agent, make sure that another agent follows up on their request!

Be Willing To Move Around The Country To Where There’s Work

You need to be willing to move around the country to where there’s work. You may have a lot of fun in one city, but you need to be willing to pack it up and go elsewhere if that job is really what you are looking for.

My wife and I moved from our hometown in Virginia Beach, Virginia after college with no jobs set up or idea of where we would end up. We started by driving out west, taking any job that was offered because it was better than nothing at all! 

Our first stop was Colorado Springs, then Little Rock AR and finally ended up in Memphis TN where we were able to find great positions with a leasing company working as agents themselves!

Stay In Communication With The Companies That Are Hiring, No Matter How Small They Are

A lot of people are afraid to follow up with employers after a job interview. They don’t want to seem like they’re desperate, pushy, or annoying. 

But if you want that dream job as a leasing agent, then you need to stay in communication with the companies that are hiring, no matter how small they are.

You should be sending follow-up emails after every interview and phone call; they’re considered standard practice by most recruiters these days. 

You should also be calling on your initiative not just because it’s expected but also because it can help improve your chances of getting hired by showing initiative on your part and demonstrating that you’re an enthusiastic employee who cares about her career path! 

If all else fails, try sending a handwritten note or even a gift (for example fruit baskets) each time someone interviews for the position; studies have shown that this approach works like magic when it comes to making people remember who sent them such thoughtful gestures!

Create A New Linkedin Profile Every Time You Land A New Job, So Employers Can Find You When They’re Hiring Again

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, which means that you can use it to upload your resume and connect with other people in your industry. 

In addition, every time you land a new job, it’s important that you update your LinkedIn profile so employers know about all the skills and experience that they’re getting when they hire you.

It’s not enough to just upload your resume; an effective LinkedIn profile allows employers to see what kind of person they’re hiring and how well-suited you are for the position. Your new employer will be able to see:

  • Your education
  • The companies where you’ve worked before (and who was responsible for hiring them)
  • Your accomplishments at previous jobs (this includes awards won)

Write An Email Introducing Yourself, Rather Than Just Sending Out Your Resume

Writing an email introducing yourself and not just sending out your resume is a very good idea. The more details you can give about your experience and skills, the more likely it will be that someone will want to meet with you. 

In this section, I’m going to show you how to write an effective introduction for yourself so that when people receive your email, they will be interested in talking with you right away.

Let’s start with how long should my introductory email be. It should only be one or two sentences long! 

You don’t need to tell them everything about yourself because they’ll ask questions during the interview process if they’re interested in learning more about what kind of person they’re dealing with from here on out. 

And by keeping things short, there’s less chance of getting lost in all those details too!

Keep An Updated Resume That’s Easy For Employers To Find

In addition to having a solid resume, you must keep it up to date. You will want to update your resume every time you land an interview or get a promotion. 

This way, when an employer searches for candidates with your experience and qualifications, they will be able to see what has happened in the past few years of your career. 

This also allows employers who may not have known about you before to see how valuable and accomplished you are.

For example: If there was a significant amount of time between jobs where no work experience was listed on the resume.

Then it would be difficult for an employer to look through applications from candidates all over the country (or world) who might never have heard of this person before filling out their application online!

Adopt These Tips To Use As A Leasing Agent And Land Your Dream Job

To get your dream job as a leasing agent, you need to adopt these tips:

Adopt a company name and contact information. A lot of times, people will hire someone based on their connection with them. 

If you can put your name on something like a pen or coffee cup, it shows that you have an interest in the work environment and in working for them specifically.

Get yourself known by networking with other agents and hiring managers in the industry. The more contacts you have, the better chance they’ll remember when they need someone who can do what they ask.

Keep looking for opportunities to move around the country if necessary the more places where there’s demand for leasing agents, the better off your chances will be (for instance).


If you’re ready to land a job as a leasing agent, it’s time to get started. Create an account on LinkedIn and start building your network of connections. 

Start applying for jobs as soon as possible so you’re ready when one comes up. Remember that it takes time, effort, and patience but don’t give up!