How To Land Your Dream Job As Janitor

You’ve been applying for jobs, but you’re not getting any responses. You know that you have the skills and experience to do the job, but for some reason, hiring managers just don’t want to hire you. 

It’s clear that this isn’t the right time to look for a new job as a janitor, so what can you do to land an interview?

Believe In Yourself

Don’t believe the hype. You can do this! Even if you don’t have a degree and some of your friends think you’re crazy for wanting to be a janitor, remember that these people are likely just jealous that you’re moving on with your life and pursuing your dreams.

Know what you’re getting into. For example, if you want to work in one specific building or industry of the hospital system, make sure that it has a high turnover rate so there will always be an opening when you decide to move up into management or maintenance.

Remember: no matter how many degrees or certifications are required for certain jobs (and yes, some janitorial positions require certifications) if someone else is willing to take the job and they might even already have all those qualifications.

Then why would they hire someone who doesn’t? It’s not their fault they were born with more intelligence than most people!

Write Down Your Career Goals

One of the best ways to determine where you want to go is to figure out where you are now. So take some time and write down your career goals. Maybe you want to be a CEO, or maybe you just want to get a decently-paying job with health insurance benefits. 

Whatever your goal may be, writing it down will help keep it clear in your mind and guide your steps toward that end goal.

Once you’ve written out your career goals, read them over several times and make sure they still resonate with who you are right now: if any of these things don’t feel right anymore, then change them!

Know The Type Of Job You Want

Before you start looking for a job in janitorial services, it’s important to know what type of job you want. There are many types of janitorial services jobs and each comes with different responsibilities and requirements. 

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself whether or not you think the work would be enjoyable for someone who enjoys cleaning:

  • Would I enjoy working in an office or outdoors?
  • Would I prefer working alone or with others?
  • Do I want my workspace to be private or public? And if so, how much privacy do I need?
  • Do I want my workspace clean but not sterile (no one around) or somewhat sterile (a lot of people around)?
  • Will my coworkers be more likely to be human beings or animals or both?

Know The Type Of Company You Want To Work For

The type of company you want to work for is a good fit for you. The company culture, values, reputation, and mission are all important factors to think about. They can be used as filters when evaluating candidates. 

For example, if you are interested in working at an environmentally-conscious company like Whole Foods or Patagonia then those would be great places for your resume to land. If not that’s fine! 

There are thousands of companies out there with unique cultures and values that will suit your preferences just fine. 

You might also look at the products or services provided by a given company as well as their customers and competitors to get a better understanding of what they do daily (or weekly basis).

Schedule A Meeting With Your Advisor

If you’re planning to work as a janitor, it’s important to have an advisor help you along the way. This person can be someone who knows about getting jobs or even your parents.

It’s a good idea to schedule meetings with this person at least once every two weeks and sometimes even more often depending on how fast things are going in your life. You’ll want to ask them questions like:

  • How do I get my resume ready?
  • What kinds of clothing should I wear for interviews?
  • Is there anything else that I should know?
  • Do your research on your target bosses.
  • Do your research on your target bosses.

To land the job as a janitor for a specific company, you need to research the person who would hire you. Find out everything you can about this person, including their interests and favorite restaurants/movies/TV shows. 

If you know that they’re a big fan of “Game of Thrones,” try watching it yourself! You may even want to go see some movies with them in advance so they’ll feel like they already know who are and trust you more when the time comes for an interview.

Know How Much Money You Want To Make And What It Takes To Get There

Go to or and search for the job title (ex: janitor) you want.

You will see a list of salaries based on location, state, and country. This is important because it will give you an idea of what the average salary is in different areas.

So that when you finally land an interview with a company, they will not have any reason not to offer you what they would normally pay someone with your experience level who lives in their area (or city).

Build A Resume That Can Get You Hired

Keep it short.

Your resume will be read by a computer, so keep the paragraphs and sentences short and easy to follow. Use bullet points instead of paragraphs when possible, and make sure you can convey your skills in as few words as possible.

Use A Professional Email Address

You want to use an email address that looks like yours or something close but is professional enough for someone to take seriously when they see it on an application form or cover letter (for example: [email protected]).

If your current company does not allow the use of personal emails for work purposes, then sign up for an account using your first initial and last name (first initial + so it looks more professional than just using a random string of letters with no meaning at all!

Use a professional-looking font in 12-point font size with 1-inch margins around each page; nothing too small or large because then people won’t read what’s written there without squinting their eyes first which defeats the purpose entirely! 

You should also try varying types of fonts like Times New Roman vs Calibri vs Cambria etcetera…

This way people who don’t know much about computers will still enjoy reading them too because they’re nice-looking prints rather than boring ones like Comic Sans which nobody likes seeing anymore except maybe kids who haven’t learned yet how bad this typeface can look online :)”

Email Potential Employers With A Cover Letter

The cover letter is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself, express your interest in the job, and explain why you are the best fit for it. 

A typical cover letter should include a brief introductory paragraph that introduces you, then one or two paragraphs explaining why you are interested in this particular job and how your relevant experience makes you a good fit. Finally, end with a thank-you paragraph.

Always Take Notes During An Interview About Everything That Is Said, Everyone’s Name, And Where They Are From

Write down the names of everyone you meet, including HR professionals and your direct manager(s).

Write down where they live (city), what they do for fun in their spare time, and if there’s anything else interesting to know about them (like how many kids they have).

Write down what was said during the interview not just a few sentences here and there, but everything! 

The more details you can recall later on when you’re writing your thank-you note or emailing a follow-up question after having been offered the job, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to land that dream janitorial position!

Write Down Follow-Up Questions And Then Wait For Them To Call You Back

When you’ve finished your interview, ask the interviewer if they have any questions for you. A good follow-up question is “Do you have any concerns about my qualifications?” You can also ask them what their biggest concern is about your candidacy.

If there are other things you think may be an issue for the employer, now’s the time to bring them up yourself. For example, if you have a criminal record or were fired from another job recently, mention this upfront and explain why it won’t be an issue at this job.

Follow Up Within 3 Days If You Don’t Hear From Them After The Interview

You should follow up with any company that has extended an offer, even if they were very clear they were going to contact you back at a certain time and date. The main reason for this is because it shows how interested you are in the position and how well-organized you are. 

A good follow-up strategy is also a great way to make sure no one forgets about your application or forgets who you are when there’s another opening down the line.

Plus, following up can be easy all it takes is sending an email or making a phone call (or both). 

Sending an email gives you more control over how formal or informal your message is, but calling someone directly usually makes them feel like their time matters more than just getting an email from someone who was rejected by another company but hopes to still land here anyway…


We hope that you found this article helpful and now have a better idea of what it takes to land your dream job as a janitor. 

If there are any other tips or tricks you can think of, please share them with us in the comments below! We love hearing from our readers and learning more about how they’re making their dreams come true.