Anyone Can Ghostwrite, Why I Started A Ghostwriting Company

You might be wondering what ghostwriting is and why you should consider it. Ghostwriting is when you hire a writer to write content for your website, blog, or book. It can be a great way to boost your business or personal brand. 

You should know that ghostwriting isn’t just for celebrities or famous people! Anyone can ghostwrite if they want to.

Why hire a ghostwriter instead of writing it yourself?! – YouTube
1. Ghostwriting is accessible to anyone with writing skills and a passion for storytelling.
2. Starting a ghostwriting company requires a clear vision and understanding of the target audience.
3. Offering specialized ghostwriting services can set your company apart in the market.
4. Building a strong team of talented writers is crucial for a successful ghostwriting business.
5. Emphasizing professionalism, confidentiality, and client satisfaction is essential for long-term growth.

Anyone Can Ghostwrite

I’ve been ghostwriting for the last nine years. I’ve written for CEOs, authors, politicians, doctors, and almost every other profession you can think of. There are only a few professions that I haven’t written for yet.

The one thing that all these different people have in common is that they’re not writers. They don’t have degrees in creative writing or English literature or any sort of formal training as writers at all. 

But what they do have are ideas and those ideas need to be expressed in words because it’s how we communicate with each other! 

So if you feel like your own writing skills are lacking (and let’s face it: most people do), don’t worry about it! There’s absolutely nothing stopping anyone from becoming a ghostwriter if they want to be one just read on to find out how…

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How To Become A Ghostwriter

You don’t need to be a writer. You can be a novelist and still want to get paid for writing, but it’s not required. 

Even non-fiction writers don’t need any qualifications or experience in ghostwriting, which makes it an ideal job for those struggling to find their feet in the industry or working on their portfolios.

There are no qualifications needed because ghostwriting is all about getting your message across clearly, not showing off how much research you’ve done or how well you can write words prettily on paper.

Why You Should Start A Ghostwriting Company

Ghostwriting is a great way to make money, build your brand and start a business.

It’s not uncommon for ghostwriters to make up to $10,000 per month in income. Why? Because they know how to manage their time and they know how to hustle. 

They’ve built their brand and positioned themselves as experts in their chosen industry by writing professionally for other people. By doing so, they’ve built up the credibility needed to start charging high rates (usually $5-10k per article).

If you don’t have any idea where you want your career or life to go right now, then starting a ghostwriting company can give you more time than ever before! 

You’ll be able to travel around the world while still making money from somewhere else at home! The possibilities are endless when running such an operation; even celebrities such as Ed Sheeran have hired ghostwriters for songs on their albums!

What Is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is a term that refers to the process of writing for someone else, usually with their name on the byline. It’s a great career choice for anyone who has a passion for writing and wants to make money doing it. 

Ghostwriters are often paid per project, but can also be hired on an ongoing basis.

The nature of ghostwriting can vary greatly depending on how much involvement your client wants in the process and how much they want you to work with them directly (usually when they want their voice included). 

Some clients only want you to write the book so that they don’t have to deal with any of those pesky “writing” things themselves (typing words onto paper). 

Other clients may want more direct control over their final product, including editing and formatting changes after you’ve written your draft. If this sounds like something that interests you, keep reading:

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What Do You Need To Be A Good Ghostwriter?

You may think that writing is just about having a good imagination and the ability to tell a story. But if you want to make ghostwriting your career, there are other skills you’ll need.

Here are some things that can make or break your ghostwriting career:

  • Good writing skills – You have to be able to write well before anyone will pay you for it! If you can’t write well, no one will want to work with you.
  • Good research skills – Researching means finding out what information other people don’t know yet so they can put their twist on it before publishing the information themselves (or at least making sure their version isn’t plagiarized). 
  • This is an essential skill for any successful writer who wants their name on something like an article or book chapter instead of just copying/pasting someone else’s work into a document file as an attachment.

How Can I Start Ghostwriting Right Now?

Start by writing your first blog post. Anything you write will be better than nothing, so just write. Start with an idea and see where it takes you. Don’t worry about publishing for now, just finish the piece and move on to the next one when you’re done.

Create a blog post that is interesting, informative, and well-written. Write something that people want to read; something they will enjoy reading over again (and again). Keep it short – 500 -1000 words is good – but make sure every word counts!

Make sure to include keywords throughout your writing so people can find them when they search those terms online later on down the road (this is an important step because search engine algorithms look at keywords as part of ranking factors). 

Also, remember these are not “keywords” in their traditional sense; rather think about them as slogans or topics related to what you’re talking about such as “how do ghosts work?” instead of “ghosts.” 

You’ll want phrases like this sprinkled throughout each article too if possible so go ahead now while editing them into place before publishing anything online later down below).

When Did Ghostwriting Start?

If you’re like me, you probably don’t know much about ghostwriting. It’s not a common thing to talk about, or even think about. But it’s one of the oldest professions in the world and has been around since ancient times.

The first recorded instance of ghostwriting goes back as far as 5th century BCE Athens when Herodotus wrote his famous Histories as a favor to his patron King Xerxes I (who wanted a history book written). 

Later, in 4th century Athens, Sophocles’ Antigone was written by Isocrates a famed orator and political theorist who made his name through speeches he had been paid for by wealthy patrons but presented under Sophocles’ name.

So people would assume it was the poet behind these works rather than just an author paid to write them.

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Who Should Write My Blog Post For Me?

Ghostwriting is a professional service with a lot of specific requirements, so it’s not for everyone. If you want to hire someone to write your blog post for you, here are some things you should know:

Not all writers are ghostwriters. Ghostwriters are professional writers who have their writing style and way of doing things. 

A copywriter, content writer, or journalist may be able to help with some parts of your project but they won’t be able to provide the whole package that we do at Ghostwriter Pros.

A ghostwriter is not a content marketing specialist (or SEO guru). The purpose of hiring us is not just to get your article published on one website it’s much bigger than that! 

We will create long-lasting relationships with readers who appreciate what we write so much that they follow us across our many platforms (blogging network sites like Medium) to keep reading more of our work. 

This strategy allows us over time to build up lots of loyal followers who continue checking back frequently because they enjoy consuming our articles as well as interacting with other people through comments sections etcetera.”

How Does Ghostwriting Work?

Ghostwriting is a collaboration between the client, who provides the content, and the ghostwriter, who helps shape it into a polished piece of writing. The ghostwriter does this by:

  • Writing in your voice. We use industry-specific language and terminology that will help other people identify you as an expert on your subject matter.
  • Editing out any unnecessary words or phrases that get in the way of clarity. Ghostwriters are trained to edit for simple language and clear communication so readers can easily understand what you have written even if they aren’t familiar with all of your nuances or industry jargon. 
  • This makes it possible for people unfamiliar with your topic to read and appreciate what you had written without getting lost in complicated syntax or jargon that may be confusing to some audiences (and not relevant for others). 
  • While many writers believe “less is more” when it comes down to editing their work, this isn’t always true when working with clients because each person has different needs based on their goals – which could include:
  • Expressing thoughts and feelings about a particular topic;
  • Getting organized so they can put their thoughts down on paper;
  • Becoming better writers themselves through practice!

How Do You Charge For Ghostwriting?

The way you charge for your services depends on the project. Two main factors determine how much you should charge:

  • The word count of the project
  • How long does it take you to write the project

If you don’t know exactly how long it will take to complete a job, then charge by word count. For example, if I’m writing an article that is 1,000 words and it takes me 20 hours to finish (including research), then my fee would be $20/hour * 20 hours = $400 total billable rate. 

If someone comes back and says they have an article that’s only 500 words long but wants me to do research for another 5 hours on top of writing it, then we’d have a total billable rate of $15/hour  25 hours = $375 total billable rate a bit lower than usual due to its shorter length compared with others I’ve written recently.”

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How Much Does Ghostwriting Cost?

A successful ghostwriting project has a clear budget, written goals, and a well-defined scope. 

While it’s impossible to give an exact price for a book or article because of the many variables involved (complexity, length of the project, and deadline), I can help you determine what’s reasonable based on your specific needs.

When starting as a writer or just wanting to hire someone else to write your work for you, figuring out how much it costs isn’t always easy. To help with this process, here are some general guidelines:

Why Should I Pay Someone To Write My Blog

You probably already know that having an expert writer is a good thing. But why? The answer is simple: If you get a professional writer, your blog will be better.

An expert ghostwriter knows how to write for your audience and industry, so they can help you reach your target audience with ease. They also have a lot more experience than most bloggers do at creating content that gets results. 

Finally, they know exactly how many words should go into each section of the text (like subheadings). This makes the writing process easier for both parties involved!

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The world of ghostwriting is a vast and ever-growing one. There are more people out there who want to write than people who are willing to read, which means there’s no shortage of jobs for ghostwriters! 

If you’re interested in getting started with this exciting career path, check out our blog post on how to become a ghostwriter. 

It covers everything from how much money you can make as a ghostwriter (it might surprise you!) down to what qualifications one needs before starting a business like ours.

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What is the role of a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who creates content on behalf of someone else, often without receiving public credit for their work.

How does ghostwriting benefit authors?

Ghostwriting allows authors to turn their ideas into polished manuscripts, leveraging the expertise of skilled writers to bring their vision to fruition.

Is ghostwriting limited to book writing?

No, ghostwriting extends beyond books and includes various forms of content creation, such as articles, blog posts, speeches, and more.

How do ghostwriters maintain confidentiality?

Ghostwriters prioritize confidentiality through legal agreements and ethical practices, ensuring the author’s identity remains protected.

How can I become a successful ghostwriter?

To succeed as a ghostwriter, hone your writing skills, build a portfolio, network with potential clients, and deliver high-quality work that meets their needs and expectations.